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Basic information
This online store regulations (hereinafter "Regulations") constitute the foundation of providing services in an electronic way within the meaning of the act of 18 july 2002 on electronic services (Dz. U. Nr 144 poz. 1204 as amended) by

For not covered by the Regulations the common and valid rules of polish law apply, in particular the civil code, the act of providing services in an electronic way, the act of protection of certain customer rights and international regulations including EU rules.

Owner of store is a company, "OSAK" Marcin Osmyk located at ul. Młynarska 1, 36-030 Błażowa, Poland,  VAT: 813-179-24-02 (VAT EU: PL8131792402), registered in the EDG in Błażowa (Poland) under the number 772/2000.


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Entity that places cookies on the Service User's device and accesss to them is the owner of the the company "OSAK" Marcin Osmyk, ul. Młynarska 1, 36-030 Błażowa.

Cookies are used to: adjust the content of web pages to the preferences of the Service User and optimize the use of web sites, statistics, maintaining the User's Service  session.

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Terms of service

The condition of using the service is having appropriate technical equipment.

Using the service, information contained therein and order system is equivalent to the acceptance of the Regulations.

The data given during the registration process can be verified by the website staff of

Personal information provided  during the registration process will be collected, processed and used by "OSAK" Marcin Osmyk in accordance with Polish law, in particular the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection Acts. Set. No. 133, item. 883rd. Personal data may be transferred only for the purposes directly related to the sale and purchase agreement contracted via service, in particular the transfer of data to the courier company or the Polish Post Office S.A.

All content (text, graphics, etc.) presented on are owned by the "OSAK" Marcin Osmyk and are protected by the Law of 04.02.1994 on "On Copyright and Related Rights".

Information about products and offer

The dimensions and weight of the goods is approximate. Dimension is always given as the Outline (total). Weight set for the product may be slightly different from the actual weight, this applies in particular to silver and brass castings.

Colours presented in the offer of goods may differ from reality. This is due to, inter alia, the differences between production batches, for technical reasons (e.g. the settings screen) and individual perception of colour. The largest differences occur in stones with the effects of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS.

We reserve the right to change the prices of goods in the store, introduction of new products, as well as the withdrawal from the offer products without prior notice.

Silver components are made of 925 silver and mostly stamped "925". Designation "925" refers to the particular suspension components, etc. The tubes, wires, wheels, pins, chains in the custom size , etc. are not marked.

Silver Jewelry manufacturer bears the ("MO*", etc.) and stamps "925". Silver goods that unit weight is more than 5 grams have an Assay Office stamp.

Prices and conditions of sale

Sales document may be issued in Polish zloty or euro.

Institutional customers (company) established outside the Polish territory have the right to receive a VAT invoice with zero (intra-EU countries and export to other countries) under the following conditions: in the case of companies in the EU must have an EU VAT number and registration to import goods and services, non-EU companies need to make customs clearance, in both cases, the goods must be sent outside the territory or for personal collection must be confirmed by the export of Polish territory on a document prepared by an authorized person.

Order acceptance

The realization process starts after placing the proper order online via

The "OSAK" Martin Osmyk company reserves the right to verify the order via telephone or email contact with the Customer.

Each correctly placed order is confirmed electronically by sending automatically an email to the Customer.

We reserve the right to cancel the order if: the information given at registration is wrong, it is impossible to contact with the Customer to confirm the order or contact details, previous orders were not finished because of the customer fault or due to reasons beyond the control.

In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to cancel the contract without giving any reason.

Orders realization

Goods are sent immediately after payment is received or bank transfer confirmation is obtained (confirmation of transfer is allowed only in the case of domestic payments). Shipment is confirmed by an e-mail.

Any additional information related to the execution of the contract is sent via e-mail.

The cost of delivery of the goods will be added to each shipment and is covered by the Customer. Selection of the type and cost of delivery takes place during placing an order.

Payment and Discounts

Payment method is selected when orderingis. Other payment methods require prior individual agreement.

Cost of deposits, transfers shall be borne by the Customer.

We make out VAT invoices and receipts for individual customers. On request (Individual Customers), we can issue an invoice for individual contractor (the receipt).

Complaints and Returns
The customer is obliged to check the shipment received - and if there are any signs of damage or tampering. In case of doubt Customer has to prepare the document in the presence of the courier or postman.

Quantitative complaints should be reported immediately after goods delivery or up to 7 days from the date of delivery.

Complaints should be submitted via e-mail. The message should include: purchase document number, date of sale, description of the goods, the type of reported complaints - an exact description of the defect.

In case of complaints of quality, manufacturing defects, and the similar Seller may require to upload photos of defective goods electronically and even, in some cases, returning the goods.

Complaints are examined with, inter alia, the goods photos taken before shipment.

All complaints are dealt with individually. Please do not send back the goods until receiving such a request.

Complaints are not subject to mechanical damage resulting from misuse or incorrect installation.

Returns are possible within 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

Returns are possible after informing Seller of that fact.

Returned merchandise must be unused, well protected during transport.

We do not accept returns of items with cash on delivery.

To the returned goods must be attached: a proof of purchase (receipt) and account number so could make reimbursement payments.

There is no possibility of return of goods made for special order, or the parameters set(s) specified by the Customer in accordance to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product art. Paragraph 10. 3rd.